Complete Linux Installer v3 Public Beta

Our v3 of the app has now hit public beta, this will be open to everyone as a download to install as a normal update on the play store.

It should now be very stable, far more stable than the old v2.8 version which is why we have released it as a full update even though its still in ‘beta’.

Complete change log between v2.8 and 3.0 BETA

  • Fixed crash when launching Linux
  • Text proofread by the awesome Sonnet
  • Added Setting icon in launcher
  • Fixed bug where file picker gave full URI not the path
  • Auto install now shows a toast, an exciting new feature coming in 3.1!
  • New File Picker Dialog making use of NoNonsense-FilePicker
  • New Change log Dialog making use of
  • About, FAQ, News and Tips sections now feeds directly from the website to keep constantly up to date
  • Complete UI rebuild coming in line with more modern GUI practices
  • Work started on ground up code re-write

Make sure to head over to the play store and download the update asap!

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