Linux On Android

The Complete (GNU) Linux Installer for Android devices

The Open source project!

When Community meets Development

The Linux on Android project is a project run, developed and supported purely by volunteers. If you want to get involved check out the projects forum, wiki or github pages! 

The Main Features

This project above all aims to do one thing, make installing (GNU) Linux on your Android device as easy as possible. Along the way we have developed a number of features

Easy to install App
Clear documentation
Completely free to use!
Support Forums for members to help
A growing range of support Linux distros
Open Source!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some users have said:

GREAT I use all linux version in my dell streak and all works great. Thanks without this app I cannot think about to install. Lv this app

A Google user

Debian on Backflip Great App. I am able to run Debian-core on MB300 Motus (Motorola Backflip)

A Google user

Amazing! This is unreal, I’m running BT5, on my phone!?! We can’t call these devices phones anymore, their powers have long surpassed that of a lowly “phone”. This app works follow the instructions, if you can’t follow the instructions you probably should not be messing with this amqzing, and powerful app!


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