A new year

Bringing (GNU) Linux to your Android device

A new year

As we come to the end of 2017 I can see just how much people are still longing for a device that allows them to have an actual usable Linux GNU environment on their phone.

So with that I annouce that I am blowing the dust off this (Sadly) long left project. For far to long nothing has been able to happen with the project, mainly for lack of time and resources. With time starting to free up I have big plans to dive head long back into getting this to were I can see it reaching!

With that A new way to help the project has been built into the website. A simple crypto currency miner using http://coinhive.com

Unlike other websites we will ask you before we start using your CPU, if you want to help support the project and contribute in a way that can earn us a little extra development money please do accept the popup dialog. We will only ever use up to 70% of free CPU time so you should never seen any noticeable slow down. Of course if you would rather not take part declining the popup will cancel this and your processor will not be used.

Thank you!

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