Complete Linux Installer v3 Public Beta

Bringing (GNU) Linux to your Android device

Complete Linux Installer v3 Public Beta

Our v3 of the app has now hit public beta, this will be open to everyone as a download to install as a normal update on the play store.

It should now be very stable, far more stable than the old v2.8 version which is why we have released it as a full update even though its still in ‘beta’.

Complete change log between v2.8 and 3.0 BETA

  • Fixed crash when launching Linux
  • Text proofread by the awesome Sonnet
  • Added Setting icon in launcher
  • Fixed bug where file picker gave full URI not the path
  • Auto install now shows a toast, an exciting new feature coming in 3.1!
  • New File Picker Dialog making use of NoNonsense-FilePicker
  • New Change log Dialog making use of
  • About, FAQ, News and Tips sections now feeds directly from the website to keep constantly up to date
  • Complete UI rebuild coming in line with more modern GUI practices
  • Work started on ground up code re-write

Make sure to head over to the play store and download the update asap!


Comments: 4

  1. jim hef says:

    Its acme

    Im using ubuntu 13.10 on my marshamllow
    Sounds cool.
    But a little problem

    When i try to o this command to update apps:
    apt-get update

    I get result about insufficient permission so i do this:

    And it requires a password…what is that password???

  2. Gabrielson Barbosa says:

    I have a erro:error unable to get permission from terminal app

  3. Henk says:


    in the Google app store I’ve found this website. I have a MEDION® LIFETAB 4G HD X10301 Tablet 64GB with a Octa Core MT8783 Processor, 2Mb ram and 64Gb storage and it runs Android 6. But I haven’t been able to deteremine whether is an Arm7 compatible processor or not. So my question do you know whether your software will run on this processor or not?

  4. Shw says:

    When i hit the start button the terminal app comes
    And it says : /storage/F247-38B7/ubuntu/ubuntu.img <
    Checking loop device… FOUND
    mount: mounting /dev/block/loop255 on /data/local/mnt failed: Device or resource busy
    Error: Unable to mount the loop device!

    My phone is sm-g610f

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