Device Donation Drive

Bringing (GNU) Linux to your Android device

Device Donation Drive

First things first, as the project starts up once more its time for a device donation drive. The lead developer currently doesn’t have any fully functioning Android devices… it’s been quite some time and alas he fell to the dark side!

BUT its time to change that, cast away the shackles of iLand and get back into this project and Android development in general. Which bring on the purpose of todays post.

In order to gather a range of devices we need funding to make that happen, below is a donation drive just for this. Every £1 can help, a brake down of what we plan to purchase with this money which will help rebuild the project for 2019!

  • Google Pixel 2 – £200
  • Galaxy S8 – £300
  • Galaxy Note 8 – £400
  • OnePlus 6 – £400
  • Galaxy S10 – £700

If we go above and beyond this drive We will also be looking at other devices including tablets etc. If you have any suggestions please comment!

Device donation drive

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