Bringing (GNU) Linux to your Android device

What is Ubuntu/Backtrack/Debian?

Ubuntu/Backtrack/Debia are Linux based operating systems that are normally for the computer. However, this port allows the user to run it on their phone, allowing the installation of virtually any software available for Linux. This allows the user to run Linux software on their phone.

Can I upgrade Ubuntu/Backtrack/Debian?

You are not able to update between versions of these operating system, for example Ubuntu 12.04 can not be upgraded to version 12.10. You are however able to update individual software packages found within the operating system.

Best settings for Android VNC Viewer?

Full 24-bit colour works very well and there is no need to down step this, also Input Mode is best set to touchpad as the GUI is not very touch screen friendly when its this small! Using touchpad makes the touch screen act just like the touchpad on a laptop and I find this very easy to use.

What can I do with Ubuntu/Backtrack/Debian?

The large images comes with a range of software for example open office and Firefox, plus alot of other desktop programs which mean your android devices can very easily become a full computer! you can also install any programs for linux that have a ARM port or are not depended on the architecture