Why do we use Adverts?

Bringing (GNU) Linux to your Android device

Why do we use Adverts?

Its a question that comes up fairly often, why do we have adverts on the website? Why do we have adverts in the new v3 app? Why is there the option to buy a ‘donation key’? ISN’T LINUX MEANT TO BE FREE?!?!?!

The simple answer to all these questions is development costs, we need to run web server hosting, get hold of devices to develop and test on and try to wrangle as much developer time as possible. Its not well known but software developers need to eat.

We provide everything you need to get GNU Linux running on your device free of charge, there is no feature paywalls, and everything will be open sourced.

However every last penny made on advert clicks and donation keys, paypal donations etc. it all goes towards the development and progress of the project. Just this week I have been able to get hold of 4 ‘new’ development devices all paid for with the money from adverts. These are not new devices but will go a long way to helping the progress of the project. I wanted to take a moment to try and explain why donating to the project is so very important to its progress, I don’t just mean monetary donations either, clicking on adverts, donating you time to bug test, translating the text in the app, helping in the forum these are all things everyone can do to help the project get back on its feet.

A (very) beaten up HTC one M8, Nexus 7 (2012), HTC Desire S, and Moto G (not pictured) join the development device team.

A (very) beaten up HTC one M8, Nexus 7 (2012), HTC Desire S, and Moto G (not pictured) join the development device team.



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  1. MilesTailsP says:

    No x86 device?

    • zacthespack says:

      Looking at our user base x86 devices make up a small fraction, we wanted to get devices to run the range of supported Android versions first. Next device to be bought will be a x86 based device!

    • MilesTailsP says:

      If my parents will allow me to buy me a new tablet, than I could sell you my Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 with an Intel Atom, but it seems like they won’t… 🙁

      But: Would it be possible to run Wine on a x86 android device with your app?

  2. Nick says:

    I completely understand the ads, and I whitelisted the app on my adblocker.

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